GlobalMindED Internship


We pride ourselves on giving has of team of interns each summer, fall, and spring. If you would like to apply for an internship, please fill out the application below and select the areas in which you are interested. Interns must be enrolled in an accredited university for the duration of their internship.

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INTERNSHIP POSITION: Partnerships and Marketing


This intern will be responsible for marketing and promoting our conference. This intern will also work on our viral marketing plan, which focuses on driving Facebook, Twitter, and blog traffic to create a worldwide following on-line. This person should have excellent interpersonal, teamwork, technological, and creative skills, as well as, leadership abilities. The intern will also run direct mail campaigns, create brochures and PowerPoint presentations and possibly attend conventions and conferences.




* Outgoing, engaging personality

* Ambitious, passionate, results-driven

* Strong phone, verbal and interpersonal abilities

* Strong teamwork and leadership skills

* Ability to motivate and inspire others

* Strong writing and thinking skills

* Self-aware and self-motivated

* Quick learner who values education

* Has a track record of personal and professional success



INTERNSHIP POSITION: Social Media and SEO-Marketing


This person will work with our team on implementing a social media strategy plan that will focus on driving Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and website traffic. Applicants must have experience in social media platforms, knowledge of current online trends, strong writing and editorial skills, and outstanding planning and follow-through abilities.


The applicant's duties include, but are not limited to:

- Using Google Analytics to gather data on web traffic

- Writing SEO and keyword friendly copy for websites

- Assisting in email marketing campaigns using Constant Contact

- Scheduling daily tweets using Hootsuite

- Posting Facebook Posts daily

- Providing feedback on web presence and assisting in the development of a web strategy

- Creating brochures



INTERNSHIP POSITION: Website Design and Development


This intern will assist in performing improvements, maintenance and updates at Other tasks may include building a mobile app, creating a space for conference attendees to network, working with marketing to create SEO-friendly content, and more.


This internship requires a student who will show initiative and drive. Ambitious students will find a direct way to contribute their vision, instincts and talents to the company, employees, and clients.




• Experience with Flash

• Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus

• Ambitious, passionate, results-driven

• Strong teamwork and leadership skills

• Strong writing and thinking skills

• Self-aware and self-motivated

• Quick learner



To apply, for the internship, please send your resume and cover letter to